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13089-1080 PLATE-CLUTCH,T=1.6 (NAS) - VN2000H8F, VN2000H9F

buy online: Kawasaki plate-clutch,t=1.6 (nas) 13089-1080 130891080 13089 1080
fitment: VN2000H8F, VN2000H9F, VN1500G1A, VN1600D6F, VN2000A6F, VN1500E1, VN1500E2, VN1500A6, VN1500D2, VN1500D1, VN1500J1, VN1500J2, VN1500A2, VN1600B7F, VN1600B6F, VN1500G2A, VN1500B4, VN1500B3, VN1500B2, VN1600A6F, VN1500A5, VN1500A4, VN1500A3, VN1500G1, VN2000E6F, VN2000D1, VN2000E7F, VN2000D6F, VN2000A7F, VN1500A1


13089-1080 PLATE-CLUTCH,T=1.6 (NAS)

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13089-1080 info

The producer of this PLATE-CLUTCH has introduced it as part number 13089-1080. We recommend checking whether this part number is the same part you are looking for. Using the product photo you can check if this is the right spare part you are after. See the current stock via the link. Do you know that this spare part was sold alongside other products? Take a quick look at the listing. Would you like to see if this spare part fits your model? Then take a look at the list below. This product is of great interest to our customers, order it quickly before stocks run out.

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