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13089-0043 PLATE-CLUTCH,T=1.6 (NAS) - EX400GJFA, EX400GJF

buy online: Kawasaki plate-clutch,t=1.6 (nas) 13089-0043 130890043 13089 0043
fitment: EX400GJFA, EX400GJF, EX400GKFA, EX400GKFB, ER400DKF


13089-0043 PLATE-CLUTCH,T=1.6 (NAS)

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13089-0043 info

Our records has shown that this item has often bought together with the items in the attached list. This spare part with the designation PLATE-CLUTCH,T=1.6 is known to us with the productnumbers 13089-0043 (130890043). Using the product photo you can check if this is the right product you are after. In the model fitment list on this product page you will see a list of the models for which this product was made. By looking at this list, you can ascertain whether it is made for your machine. According to our last data, this article is now online available. Follow the link to see if the product is orderable and if so what quantities are available. This product has been sold countless times and enjoy great interest.

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