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We have put together the largest Dutch collection of Kawasaki products for you. Find Kawasaki accessories as well as the technical diagrams to repair your Kawasaki motorcycle or Mule. Kawasaki is one of four major Japanese motorcycle brands and is part of Kawasaki Heavy Industries. There is a vibrant demand and market for Kawasaki parts and we help you with this website to get the right part for your Kawasaki vehicle.

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As far as possible, we have divided the Kawasaki products known to us into several categories. Most of the Kawasaki products can be found in the OEM catalogue. In addition, we have compiled a parts catalogue for you containing only those products that have a photo. Especially for the fans there is an extensive overview of Kawasaki clothing such as t-shirts, caps, socks and much more. There is also a nice overview of Kawasaki accessories that make it relatively easy for you to upgrade or improve your vehicle.

discontinued products still orderable

Here are some products that are no longer manufactured, but still available for purchase

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