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92170-1590 CLAMP - KLX650D1, KLX650D4

buy online: Kawasaki clamp 92170-1590 921701590 92170 1590
fitment: KLX650D1, KLX650D4, KLX650C4, KLX650C3, KLX650C2, KLX650C1, KLX650A3, KLX650A2, KLX650A1, KL650C1, KL650C2, KL650A14, KL650A13, KL650A12, KL650A11, KL650A10, KL650C5, KL650C4, KL650C3, KL650C6


92170-1590 CLAMP

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92170-1590 info

From our order backlog we can see what other spares were being sold at the same time as this particular product. We show the article 92170-1590 under the name "CLAMP. It is however possible that you will come across this elsewhere under a different name. It is recommendable that you only look at the part number. This product can be delivered typically within five business days. See the most current stock via the relevant link. This product is of great interest to our customers, order it quickly before stocks run out. By focussing on the photo you can see in detail whether the part is the same as what you are looking for. The models shown are fit for this product. Please check before ordering if your model is included ?

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