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91256-KCS-690 OIL SEAL,4.8X14.5 - GL1000, XL350

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91256-KCS-690 OIL SEAL,4.8X14.5

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91256-KCS-690 info

This product can be dispatched typically in about 5 business days. See the most current state of stock via the relevant link. This item has been sold many times and enjoy great interest. Perhaps you forgot a few more spare parts? Take a look at the accompanying list to see exactly what products our customers were buying as well. Check the model list to ensure that this product is compatible with your motorbike. By zooming in on the photo you can see in detail whether the product is the same as what you are seaking for. The manufacturer of this OIL SEAL,4.8X14.5 has released it as part number 91256-KCS-690. We recommend checking whether this OEM number is the same part you are looking for.

model fitment

GL1000, XL350, CB550, CL350, XL250, SL350, CM400T, MT125, MT250, CB750F, CB750A, SL175, CB400TII, CB400T, CM400C, CB550F, CB200T, CB750F2, CB750K8, CB750K6, CB350K2, CB750K5, CB750K4, CB500K2, CB500K1, CB350K3, CB550K, CB350G, CL175, CB175K3

Honda SL175 MOTOSPORT 1970 K0 USA
Honda SL350 MOTOSPORT 1970 K1 USA
Honda SL350 MOTOSPORT 1969 K0 USA
Honda CB750K6 FOUR 1976 USA
Honda CB350K2 SUPER SPORT 1970 USA
Honda CB200B 1974 USA
Honda XL350 K0 1974 USA
Honda MT125 ELSINORE 1974 K0 USA
Honda GL1000 GOLDWING 1975 K0 USA
Honda CB550 FOUR 1975 CB550K0 USA

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