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90013-283-000 BOLT DRAIN - CL350, CB350K0

buy online: Honda bolt drain 90013-283-000 90013283000 90013 283 000
fitment: CL350, CB350K0, CB250K0, XL175, CB175K4, CL450, CL250, CL175, SL350, CB200T, CB450K3, CB250, CB450K0, CB450K1, CD175, CB175K3, CB350, SL175, CB350P, CL450K3, GL175, CB175K5, CB450, CA175K3, CB450K5, CB350P0, CB450P0, CB450K7, CB450K6, CB450K4

part number:

90013-283-000 BOLT DRAIN

from EUR 24.00

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90013-283-000 info

This item has been sold many times and enjoy great interest. We are displaying the article 90013-283-000 as "BOLT DRAIN. It is however possible that you will come across it under a different name. We advise that you only look at the product number. Would you like to see if this spare part will fit your vehile? Then take a look at the list below. You can request the availability of this spare via the link. Do you know that this spare was sold alongside other items? Take a quick look at the listing.

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