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45522-422-000 BOOT,MASTER CYLN. - CB400T, CBX1000

buy online: Honda boot,master cyln. 45522-422-000 45522422000 45522 422 000


45522-422-000 BOOT,MASTER CYLN.

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45522-422-000 info

This item with the designation BOOT,MASTER CYLN. is known with the product codes 45522-422-000 (45522422000). We have identified 1401 motorcycles to which this product fits. We would always suggest to verify if your model is included prior to ordering. This item is sold with high regularity. Check now whether it is still available. According to our latest data, this article is now good to order. Follow the link to see if the product is available and if so how many items are available. From our order backlog we can tell what other spares were being sold at the same time as this product. Look carefully at the photo to see if this is the same product you need.

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