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13216-413-003 BEARING C,CONROD - CBX1000, CB400N

buy online: Honda bearing c,conrod 13216-413-003 13216413003 13216 413 003
fitment: CBX1000, CB400N, CB400TII, CB750F, CM400A, CB450S, CM400T, CMX450C, CB400P, CB750K, CB450SC, CB750C, CB900C, CM400C, CB750A, CM450A, CB900F, CB400A, CB750SC, CB400T, CM450E, CB400TI, CB750K5, CB750L, CM450C, CB750K6, CB750K4, CB750K8, CM400E, CB1000C

part number:

13216-413-003 BEARING C,CONROD

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13216-413-003 info

13216-413-003 is known to us as BEARING C,CONROD. Product designations may differ from those of other sources. Given the popularity of this product, it can be said that there is a lot of enthusiasm for it. This product can be dispatched typically in less than five business days. See the most current state of stock via the relevant link. From our order backlog we can tell what additional spares were being sold together with this product. In the overview on this webpage you will see a listing of the models for which this product was made. By viewing this list, you can determine whether it is built for your machine.

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